dimanche 7 décembre 2014


Good morning everybody! It's been so long since my last article again. I have been very busy in 
Madrid, making new friends, exploring the city, studying, and traveling. I went to Salamanca with my friends last weekend it was amazing. It's a very cute little city not too far from Madrid and Portugal. The weather was not the best, but we still managed to have a wonderful time. The food there was super good too! If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I've been flying back and forth between Madrid and Paris. I don't feel very homesick here, but it's always nice to get some extra time with my family and friends. Truth is that  I haven't been in Paris for more than 2,5 weeks since January 2014. I love that I've been able to travel so much the past couple of months, but sometimes I also really miss my family and friends and my beautiful city: Paris. I'm such a Paris lover and sometimes I get very nostalgic when I see pictures of the city. Anyway, I'm moving back to Paris very soon and I'm super excited to go back during christmas time. As you may know, I'm moving to Los Angeles for the semester at the end of December, so I'll only have a few days of real winter. Here is my little routine and a few tips:

1. It's VERY important to moisturize you skin. In fact, my skin is always so dry in winter with the cold, and it doesn't look good at all! I've been using a CHANEL cream that I can't remember the name of (I  forgot to bring it back a few week ends ago when I was in Paris). But honestly, any brand works just fine

2. When I moved to New York last semester I developed a lip balm addiction. I bought like 8 haha. My favorite brand EVER is " BURTS BEE". It's honestly the most amazing product ever. I love the smell, I love the feeling on my lips and it's so efficient. it's like magic. I also like the EOS kind of "balls". I have the pink one, the light green one ( I'm in love with the smell) and I have the baby blue one, that I have yet t try. 

3. Infusions. I love infusions in winter time with my friends. I love the chamomile blend from Starbucks. It's super healthy, good for your body and perfect when it's so cold outside. It's a little expensive in Europe, but you can also do it at home when you are watching movies in your PJs and all. (omg it sounds so perfect, I wish I could do that instead of studying today ahah). 

4. Scarf and beanies. I'm obsessed and you know that already. My favorite beanie is my red NEFF one. It's super warm and it always brings me back to New York city... ( I miss it crazy). I also LOVE  wearing my Louis Vuitton blue Shawl that I got last year for christmas time. It's the most confortable thing ever and it's very chic. I do realize that it's super expensive and that not everyone can afford it. But I think that we all have a very special scarf that we love and feel so comfortable in and that's the most important. You don't necessarily need a designer scarf or beanie to look chic and trendy. I love the scarves at ZARA, you might want to check it out! 

5. night strolls in the city. I used to be such a winter hater in the past. And I still am in a way I guess. But with time and ever since I  became really interested in fashion, I have learnt how to "embrace" winter. For example, a few times a week now, I go out in the city at night and just look at all the christmas lights , I pay attention to people's outfit etc. And when I go home I of course have an infusion or a hot chocolate (my lover). 

SOON: LPMode will soon disappear. In fact, a friend and I are about to open our own Fashion website. It won't be a blog anymore but an actual website with a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Instagram account, a .com, and updates every day. I know that I haven't been the best blogger on this blog, but you'll be very surprised with the other one. We are hoping to launch this website around January. Until then I'll keep posting here. 

To come: 

- Christmas lights in Paris
- Christmas lights in Madrid
- My christmas wish list. 
- What else do you want on LPMode?

samedi 4 octobre 2014


Hello, hello!
I recently got back to Paris for a long week end and Paris Fashion Week. Before I flew back to Madrid, I went to Chanel Cambon and couldn't resist when I saw these cute little flats! It's my second pair of Chanel flats and it's my absolutely favorite. It's very comfy , cute and chic. Also, I don't thick you see the Chanel logo that much so it's good :)

Do you like it?

You can find my pictures from Paris Fashion Week on my instagram account :) (its_laurenep)

Price: 450 euros. New Collection

vendredi 3 octobre 2014

H A K E I 

Hi guys! I've just discovered a new Brand!! It's HAKEI and it's spanish. I love all their pieces and bags. It's so cute. The prices are kind of high though, so I hope the quality is good. :) Here is the shirt i just got today. I'm gonna pair it with a blue skinny jean from Levi's , Black heels , my red Balenciaga little bag and red lipstick for my my friend's birthday :)
Price: 90euros 

Next article: my new Chanel Flats! 

lundi 15 septembre 2014


Hola! So I recently moved the Madrid and it already seems like I have a favorite restaurant! In fact, I went to the restaurant "Lateral" in Santa Ana, Madrid yesterday and I loved it! I kind of reminded me of a restaurant in SoHo New York (yeah, I miss New York so so so so much). 
Anyways, Lateral is a place I highly recommend if you're ever going to Madrid. It's not really expensive and it's such a cute location for a group of friends or a couple!

The tortilla de patatas and the gaspacho is a MUST HAVE!

mercredi 10 septembre 2014

Room DIY!

Hello guys! I have recently moved to Madrid, Spain for the semester. I'm so exited to show you the pictures of the apartment that I got and some ideas for your room. Here are the first pictures of my apartment and my really first room DIY. If you try to recreate it, please let me know! 

I got the ribbon at Paper Source on Spring Street, New York, as well as the little clips :)
I thinks the total was under $5 ! Very cheap and easy to recreate. 
The stickers are all from Brandy & Melville, it's 100% free :)

More pictures bellow

samedi 19 juillet 2014


Hello! My last full day in New York... OMG kill me now... I feel so sad and Summertime Sadness is my favorite song again... 
 I want to create an article about my favorite places for a cupcake, for a burger etc in New York. I did it a few months ago, but I have many more to add on the list! Also, I can answer your questions about NYC if you have any. Make sure to post them on my Tumblr on Instagram (its_laurenep). 

Anyways, I did some shopping againnnn in New York yesterday and I found the shoes I had my eyes on for months, on sale!!!! I've always wanted to own a pair of camel shoes. I think it's so beautiful with a dark blue jean, the matching bag and a really cute top. I was so happy when they told me they still had my size (the last one!!) and that it was only $29 instead of $100. I love you America haha. From Levi's

Come back tomorrow to discover my airport outfit! 

vendredi 18 juillet 2014

New sunglasses!

Hi guys!! Let me introduce you to my new Sunglasses! I've been loving 'round' sunglasses lately and it's such a trend right now ( at least in NYC)! I got these at Century 21 for only $19 lol!! Originally the price is $100 but it's from their past collection so... So cool! If you live in NYC en like these glasses, you should hurry and get them!! 

what do you think? And yes, beanies and glasses are my addiction! Shhhh

jeudi 17 juillet 2014

New Yorker than you, than you, than you.

 I'm back in NYC after an amazing week in Montréal and Québec, such wonderful places. It was my really first time in Canada and I fell in love ( with the country and their poutine too hahaha). 
I'm now back in Manhattan for my very last few days in New York. What is next for me? Madrid! I will miss New York a LOT though... It already breaks my heart to know that I won't be able to go to SoHo anymore in such a short time... I have been doing a lot of shopping lately in order to get as many souvenirs of New York as possible that are meaningful for me. And yesterday, I came across this little shop in the Lower East Side... I think it's supposed to be only for men, but come on... hahah.  The name is ONLY
There,I found this ADORABLE and BRILLIANT and AWESOME little tote bag " New Yorker than you, than you, than you". It's probably one of my favorite things I got in 7 months here haha! Also, I got this really cute beanie because i'm a beanie obsessed. Both $14 so very affordable. 

This one is not from the same store, I got this one at Neff. It's a beanie that I saw a lot this past winter in New York, and I really loved it. It was $17

I'm looking for a "flashy" yellow one now and then my beanie collection will be perfect! Any suggestions for me? 

mardi 1 juillet 2014

Hi guys! 

Sorry I have been missing on this blog for a few months. I had lost my password and I was really busy with my internship and traveling. I just got back from Virginia and really wanted to post a new article!

So, since I've moved to NYC, I am a sneaker-obsessed. Since I've been here I've been wearing heels for events that I have to attend and that's it haha! Here are my favorite ones:

- Black Nike Run: these are my really favorite! I wear them all the time in weekends and when i'm travelling.
Pink Nike Run: I wanted a "flashy" pair as well so I got those. I love them !!!
- White short converses: I was not a big fan of converses anymore but since I'm in NYC I fell in love again. It's very cute with certain outfits I think :)
- Green New balance. I don't have these yet, but I really want to get them!!!

My new Instagram name is: its_laurenep :) follow me for more posts!!

What do you think? :)

samedi 19 avril 2014


Hi guys!!! So I recently went to PINK / Victoria's Secret. I have to bring my MacBook Pro everyday at work so my back was kind of killing me and I had to get a bag back. I got this cute one for $48

And OMG, I am soooo excited about the phone case I got !!!!! I mean seriously, How CUTE and FUNNY is it ??? I love love love love it !!! I won't use it until this summer when I go tot the South of France of Florida ( If I'm ever going though...The odds are kind of against me ... ) $25 

vendredi 18 avril 2014

Candles !!!!!! 

Hahaha candles is one of the reasons why I have been so excited to get my own place!!! My mom doesn't let me have candles at home in Paris because she hates "artificial" scents end she's afraid of fire.

I went to Bath and Body works and got these cuuuute littles candles!!! It made me feel SO excited about summer !!! And these are my favorite colors! I love them !!! I thin it was like 10 or 15 for the 3 of them :)

I also got these little cute bottle to way my hands everywhere I got. I already had some but not Pink and sparkly ones ;) ;) ;)

jeudi 17 avril 2014

1,2,3 let's work out!

I feel like I have gained so much weight since I've moved to New York, so I have decided to get back on shape and clean eating. For this, I had to buy a new pair of shoes to keep me motivated :) I finally god Nike shoes!! I got them for a very cheap price at Nordstrom Racks at Union Square for $64 !!! ( It's so expensive in France...) - Nike Flex Run 

I go to the NYSC gym clubs here. I really like it! They have so many classes that I like. I took a cardio kick boxing class at 6am this morning, it killed me but I'm so proud haha!!! 

New article tomorrow :) Stay Tuned !! 

jeudi 10 avril 2014

On this beautiful day, I just wanted to share a picture of Manhattan with you!! I am so happy that it is warm and sunny again! I'm such in a happy mood right now! I am soooo exited for summer and summer shopping !!!! 

dimanche 6 avril 2014

Coup de Coeur! 

Hi everyone! I went shopping yesterday. I wanted to buy clothes from American Stores but I didn't find anything. So I went to ZARA and I saw these 2 amazing jackets!!! I'm in love. You can clearly tell who has been their inspiration... but who cares? haha.

I also love their colors for this year. I'm going to wear a lot of black, white, yellow , pink and navy blue this year for summer! so excited!

The white one is $89 and the other one is $119 if I recall correctly!

I have also purchased a Jawbone Bracelet. So my next article will be about this bracelet! If you don't know what it is, you should start googling it, it's awesome haha! It helps you to have a healthy lifestyle :) 

Follow me on instagram @itslaurenep_ 

mercredi 26 mars 2014

Baby G watch!

I am not going to lie: I didn't buy this watch, it was a present I got from an event I was working at. However, I really like it! I am obsessed with my Michael Kors one but this one is very cute for summer time! 
I got a pink one ( of course haha). I love the design and what you can do with it. For example, you can enter you "home country" and when you click on a button it tells you what time it is in another city of your choice! It's perfect for me so I know what time it is in Paris hihi. If you like it, you should go see their website, it will tel you everything that you need to know about this watch!

The original value is $120. Here is the website 

jeudi 20 mars 2014

Shhh . . . That's our little Secret

I told you I would do a Victoria's Secret article so here we go... It's my favorite store in the USA! Because you know... I'm obsessed with the Pink colors! However, there are many many many things I could never buy in the store lol. I feel like you need the most perfect body to fit in some of their things...  haha. 


mercredi 19 mars 2014

Hi All,

I hope you're doing well! I have decided to show you in my next article the things I got at Victoria's Secret. If you follow me on Twitter, you now that my Victoria's Secret addiction is no longer a secret hahaha.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a "outfit of the day".

  • I am wearing my favorite H&M white "blazer"
  • My Aeropostale lacy top (Bethany Mota collection)
  • My Zara pair of black jeans
  • My Zara camel boots
  • My Kookai coat
  • My Louis Vuitton Monogramme chale
:) daily pics on IG : @Itslaurenep_

mardi 11 mars 2014

My favorite place in New York City so far!

Hi all! 
It's has almost been a month now that I have arrived in NYC. I have crazy work hours, but on weekends I'm having a lot of fun! I love going out for dinner or a drink in a bar. I also love walking around in SoHo. It feels like reading a fashion magazine. I love this place... I wish my apartment was in this area of Manhattan sometimes... I know for next time haha. 

  • So, here are my two favorite places for dinner:

1. Moustache Pitza.

The food is amazing and I like the area. I go to the one on Christopher Street. I highly recommend it!

2. Gemma - Bowery Hotel

This place is very nice too and it's locate
,d near my favorite part of Manhattan. I love the food and the people in the restaurant. They are all so chic! I feel like it's always " the place to be" when I go.  I also went for brunch, it was yummyyyy! I can't wait for summer so I can eat at their Terrace hihi. 

  • My favorite bar
My favorite bar so far is definitely the Beauty & Essex. It's located in the lower East Side. It used to be a clandestine bar. So the entrance is like a shop and then they open a little door and you enter the bar. I love their drinks, the music ... 


dimanche 9 mars 2014

I'm back bitches!

Hey you all!! I'm finally back! Like I said earlier this week, I was really not feeling at my best. I was going through a hard time at my internship, the weather made me feel really depressed, I missed Paris, my family and friends. But now I'm feeling so much better! I've even pushed back my flight to Paris, so I can stay longer in NYC! I'm starting to have favorite places to go to in this city! I love discovering new places, new food... NYC is also an amazing place to go out on weekends! My friends and I have so much fun. I'm in love with NYC's night life!  
Also, I got amazing news on thursday: I will be in the south of France for a week this summer ( Cannes, Monaco, Saint Tropez, Nice), the  I'll be in Madrid from september to december. And in Californiaaaaa from january to April !!! I am so excited! 

So, I got new black UGGs this week. I am SO HAPPY. I already have 2 pair of UGGs but these are my really favorite! I don't think I can go back to any other color now... 

And, I got this amazing little bag from Lauren by Ralph Lauren! It's made of leather and it looks very classy. I had been looking for this kind of bags for yearssss in Paris and I can't believe I finally found the perfect one! It's perfect to for night clubs, bars, or just brunch on sundays :)

dimanche 2 mars 2014

A little update. 

Hi guys... You may be wondering why there are no articles anymore on the blog... I'm having a really hard time right now and I need some "me time" to get better... I'm really not at my best, I feel like shit... I can't bring myself to post any article and Fashion is not my priority right now. One thing is sure: I will come back. I know I will... This blog makes me happy. it's what I love doing... 

You can follow me on Instagram for daily pictures of my trip in NYC ( @itslaurenep_ ) 
Keep asking me questions on Tumblr, I'll answer for sure. I don't want to let you down <3 

I hope you understand, 

Love,  Lauren - 

vendredi 14 février 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hope you'll have a wonderful day with your boy/girl!!! Once again I'm single for Vday, so I guess I'll just watch Pretty Little Liars in bed and eat chocolate haha. 

Since I have been in NYC, I've been very careful with the things I eat. I shop at Whole Food. I'm a big FAN of this store. Everything looks so yummy. 

Here is my healthy, yummy and gluten free breakfast. 

- Greek Yogurt
- Melon
-Water melon
- Gluten Free cereals
- BlackBerry.

It's sooooo good!! You should try haha!

lundi 10 février 2014


Hi All, 

I know I've been MIA for the past few days. Not that I don't want to write articles or anything, but life is crazy here! My internship is VERY hard and I have crazy work hours. And when I get some free time, I either sleep, or eat or visit the city. But I'm not complaining because NYC is an amazing city to go out with your friends at night and I like walking around. Also, with my job I get amazing opportunities. I've been lucky enough to attend two New York Fashion Week events this Week End! It was awesome. If you follow me on instagram, you already know about this and have already seen the pictures. But for the others, here you go:

These shoes are by Alejandro Ingelmo. So amazing !!!!! It's art !!! I'm a fan!!!

For the sencond event, I'll post a video on YT soon :) For now you can see it on my instagram ( itslaurenep_)

Have a wonderful day !! ( I'm not posting the pics of my app yet because I might move in a different place soon) 

jeudi 30 janvier 2014

Outfit of the day !

I am wearing a pair of pants from GAP
my top is from Aeropostale
My cardigan is from Kookaï :)

dimanche 26 janvier 2014

New York City !

Hello !!! This is my really first NYC article hihi! As you may already know, I have arrived in the city a few days ago. I'v been really busy so I haven't really visited the city yet, but so far, I love it ! I have done a little bit of shopping already ( Victoria's Secret, Aerie and Aeropostale). I got underwear so I don't know if you rally want to see that or not ... let me know ;)

But what I want to show you, is this amazing piece of clothe from Bethany's collection at aeropostale! I love it !!! It's so cute and curly and classy at the same time. I cannot wait to wear it !!! And I might get another one in white next week! It was supposed to be $26 but I got it for $6 !!!!! Yes, $6 !!! That's awesome !!! It's not even 4euros I think hahaha !! Thank you America ! 

Make sure to follow me on instagram for more pictures !! ( @Itslaurenep_ )
- NYC vids
- NYC apartment tour 
- suggestions? 

mardi 21 janvier 2014

Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture, CHANEL. 

Hello guys! So today was my last day in Paris, and I absolutely wanted to "experience" Paris Fashion Week for the last time! Today was the Chanel Fashion Show so that was perfect! I was a little disappointed though because, usually many more celebrities and Fashion people attend their show... So yeah, here a some pictures I took ( via my iPhone so sorry for the quality).

More pictures :