vendredi 14 février 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hope you'll have a wonderful day with your boy/girl!!! Once again I'm single for Vday, so I guess I'll just watch Pretty Little Liars in bed and eat chocolate haha. 

Since I have been in NYC, I've been very careful with the things I eat. I shop at Whole Food. I'm a big FAN of this store. Everything looks so yummy. 

Here is my healthy, yummy and gluten free breakfast. 

- Greek Yogurt
- Melon
-Water melon
- Gluten Free cereals
- BlackBerry.

It's sooooo good!! You should try haha!

lundi 10 février 2014


Hi All, 

I know I've been MIA for the past few days. Not that I don't want to write articles or anything, but life is crazy here! My internship is VERY hard and I have crazy work hours. And when I get some free time, I either sleep, or eat or visit the city. But I'm not complaining because NYC is an amazing city to go out with your friends at night and I like walking around. Also, with my job I get amazing opportunities. I've been lucky enough to attend two New York Fashion Week events this Week End! It was awesome. If you follow me on instagram, you already know about this and have already seen the pictures. But for the others, here you go:

These shoes are by Alejandro Ingelmo. So amazing !!!!! It's art !!! I'm a fan!!!

For the sencond event, I'll post a video on YT soon :) For now you can see it on my instagram ( itslaurenep_)

Have a wonderful day !! ( I'm not posting the pics of my app yet because I might move in a different place soon)