samedi 19 avril 2014


Hi guys!!! So I recently went to PINK / Victoria's Secret. I have to bring my MacBook Pro everyday at work so my back was kind of killing me and I had to get a bag back. I got this cute one for $48

And OMG, I am soooo excited about the phone case I got !!!!! I mean seriously, How CUTE and FUNNY is it ??? I love love love love it !!! I won't use it until this summer when I go tot the South of France of Florida ( If I'm ever going though...The odds are kind of against me ... ) $25 

vendredi 18 avril 2014

Candles !!!!!! 

Hahaha candles is one of the reasons why I have been so excited to get my own place!!! My mom doesn't let me have candles at home in Paris because she hates "artificial" scents end she's afraid of fire.

I went to Bath and Body works and got these cuuuute littles candles!!! It made me feel SO excited about summer !!! And these are my favorite colors! I love them !!! I thin it was like 10 or 15 for the 3 of them :)

I also got these little cute bottle to way my hands everywhere I got. I already had some but not Pink and sparkly ones ;) ;) ;)

jeudi 17 avril 2014

1,2,3 let's work out!

I feel like I have gained so much weight since I've moved to New York, so I have decided to get back on shape and clean eating. For this, I had to buy a new pair of shoes to keep me motivated :) I finally god Nike shoes!! I got them for a very cheap price at Nordstrom Racks at Union Square for $64 !!! ( It's so expensive in France...) - Nike Flex Run 

I go to the NYSC gym clubs here. I really like it! They have so many classes that I like. I took a cardio kick boxing class at 6am this morning, it killed me but I'm so proud haha!!! 

New article tomorrow :) Stay Tuned !! 

jeudi 10 avril 2014

On this beautiful day, I just wanted to share a picture of Manhattan with you!! I am so happy that it is warm and sunny again! I'm such in a happy mood right now! I am soooo exited for summer and summer shopping !!!! 

dimanche 6 avril 2014

Coup de Coeur! 

Hi everyone! I went shopping yesterday. I wanted to buy clothes from American Stores but I didn't find anything. So I went to ZARA and I saw these 2 amazing jackets!!! I'm in love. You can clearly tell who has been their inspiration... but who cares? haha.

I also love their colors for this year. I'm going to wear a lot of black, white, yellow , pink and navy blue this year for summer! so excited!

The white one is $89 and the other one is $119 if I recall correctly!

I have also purchased a Jawbone Bracelet. So my next article will be about this bracelet! If you don't know what it is, you should start googling it, it's awesome haha! It helps you to have a healthy lifestyle :) 

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